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FAQ: Eyeliner


Also called permanent eyeliner, is a cosmetic procedure that you get to replace the need to put on eyeliner every single day. As the name suggests, it is permanent. The tattooed eyeliner or permanent eyeliner uses techniques to apply ink along with the lashes so that you can create a liner look. It needs regular touch-ups after 3 to 4 years. This kind of cosmetic tattoo can be applied in a variety of styles which forms extremely thin and natural-looking liner and even the most famous winged liners.


I make it my mission to make sure you are relaxed during the session. Most of my clients are very surprised at how comfortable the entire process is. Most clients rate it a 1 to 2/10 discomfort level, more like a tickle and some even feel nothing. Your comfort is number one. We will be using high-quality numbing cream before and during the eyeliner tattoo process to make the session smooth for you. Everyone has different pain tolerance and some people are more sensitive than others. With that being said, most people wished they had done it sooner because it was way better than they thought.


It will vary between person to person based on body chemistry and how well you take care of it. Sun exposure and smoking is a major cause that can shorten the lifespan of your tattoo. I highly recommend that you follow the detailed aftercare instructions on how to properly heal and maintain your tattoo. Overall, you can expect it to last anywhere from 1-3 years before a touch up refresher is needed.


The initial Eyeliner Tattoo session is approximately 1.5-2 hours. This includes the consultation, numbing, design and tattooing process. The 6-8 week touch up will likely be half that timeframe as we will just be touching up areas and perfecting your eyeliner.


Try your best to avoid water, sweat, or anything to the eyeliner EXCEPT the ointment that I will be giving you. Keep the eyeliner away from the direct sun during the healing stage (approximately 5-10 days) – you can wear sunglasses when you go out. DO NOT scratch or pick at your eyeliner – let it heal properly. You will be getting thorough aftercare information to take home.


I recommend a touch up refresher every 1-3 years to maintain good shape and color.


Eyeliner Healing Process


Eyeliner area will be slightly tender after treatment, you will notice they might be little red and maybe puffy. It is normal. You can do some blinking exercise to reduce the puffiness. Apply given ointment daily for 10 days.

DAY 2 – 4

Eyeliner area is noticeably darker than previous day. This is normal as your body is trying to push pigment out and it oxides. Expect itchiness as your eyeliner are healing – most people don’t feel much. You can still socialize and go to work.

DAY 5 – 10

You’ll notice your eyeliner area will begin to flake gently. The color underneath is a lot lighter than what you had previous days – maybe even invisible like there is nothing there at all as it will take a few weeks for the color to come back out. Allow your eyeliner to naturally flake off and avoid picking the area.

Week 4

The eyeliner is completely healed. If you find that you can go darker or denser with the eyeliner tattoo, come back for a touch up to boost it up!

**Results will vary**


Feel free to come in with your eyeliner filled in so I have an idea of how you usually do it. If you like a certain eyeliner shape, bring in a photo to show me and we can discuss what can be done. Ultimately, we’d like to aim for something natural and timeless for you.

• No eye contacts, bring glasses if you need them

• No heavy makeup / shadow in the area

• No eyelash extensions

• No eyelash serum for at least 3 weeks

• Avoid taking any blood thinners (aspirin, vitamin E, ibuprofen and fish oil supplements) 72 hours before coming in

• Do not consume alcohol or coffee before or day of session

• If you used Accutane, you’ll have to be off that for 6 months before coming in

• Avoid sun tanning 2 weeks before and after your procedure

• Get some good sleep in the night before.

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