Hi Friends! My name is Sheila Joles. I am a four time certified permanent makeup and lash artist in Eau Claire, WI, and the owner of Reign & Co.

I was born and raised in Chippewa Falls, WI and am thrilled to do what I love right next to my hometown. I have an amazing significant other, two beautiful children and one cute little boston terrier.

I have been obsessed with the beauty industry for as long as I can remember. After highschool I worked in the dental field for almost 10 years but my heart wasn’t full so I took a leap of faith. I quit my job, spent almost all the money I had saved, flew across the country and became certified in an industry I saw starting to really gain traction. I came back with no clue how to start a business, what the next step was supposed to be or how to even gain clients. With $150 left to my name I had no choice but to dive right in and figure it out.

Fast forward almost 5 years and I am grateful to have a very successful company that is continuing to grow each and every day. I am dedicated to providing the best permanent makeup and lashes to all of my clients. I strive to make sure that every client that walks into my business leaves feeling confident, empowered and beautiful. If I haven’t already, I cannot wait to meet you!

– Sheila Joles
Brow & Lash Master Technician
Owner, Reign & Co.

The Reign Team

The Reign team is made up of experienced professionals, all of whom are passionate about your beautiful results!  We hope you’ll stop in soon so we can all meet you!

Paige – Certified Lash Technician 


Pajai – Licensed Aesthetician & Certified Lash Technician  

Kylee – Certified Lash Technician 

Maddie – Certified Lash Technician 

Taylor – Certified Lash Technician 

Sam – Licensed Aesthetician & Certified Lash Technician 

Kaylyn – Certified Permanent Makeup Artist 

Wendy – Manager & Receptionist 

Dr. N. Rechsteiner – Medical Director